Use of Weapons in Ancient Civilization

Throughout history, weapons have been integral to civilization, enabling survival through hunting for food and engaging in warfare for conquest and prosperity. From ancient times to the present, weapons have adapted to technological advancements and societal shifts, ensuring their enduring presence in human affairs. But despite that their evolution has been marked by changes in appearance, functionality, and usage.

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Chivalry in the Middle Ages

The chivalry in the Middle Ages or medieval age was considered a “code of ethics” expected from the knights in Europe. It included rules that stated how nobility should behave. It was a code that was used to distinguish between the higher classes from those below them in terms of morality. It helped the knights to earn a proper reputation and respect in the society. The chivalric qualities that were required in the knights were courage, honour, loyalty, justice, military prowess, and generosity. In later years chivalry became more “romantic” and was idealized by people and also the poets and authors. Chivalry became a subject of literature. Chivalry was promoted by knights taking an oath to protect the church and defenseless people.

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The Impending Hunger Crisis in Gaza

Gaza grapples with unfortunate hunger as new report predicts famine if conflict continues. According to new Integrated Food Security Phase of Classification (IPC), more than one in four households in Gaza currently face extreme hunger, and there is a risk of famine unless access to adequate foo, clean water, health and sanitation services is restored.

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