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In the ever-evolving narrative of human existence, Social Digest emerges as a beacon, weaving together the diverse threads that make up our lives. Beyond the individual, our magazine seeks to celebrate the interconnectedness of Business & Entrepreneurship, Food and Travel, Cinema and Theatre, Sustainability and Mythology with the very essence of “The Social.”

In the Business & Entrepreneurship segment, we explore the psychology behind successful ventures and the individuals who shape industries. From boardrooms to startups, discover how the world of business intertwines with the tapestry of our social interactions. Embark on a culinary and explorative journey with Food and Travel. Beyond mere reviews, we delve into the psychology of flavors, the cultural significance of cuisines, and the transformative power of travel on the mind and soul.


Cinema and Theatre, a window into the human experience, takes center stage. Explore the psychological impact of storytelling, the art of performance, and the communal magic of shared narratives. In the Mythology segment, ancient tales find new relevance. Uncover the psychological archetypes that shape cultures, the symbolic resonance of myths, and their profound influence on our collective social consciousness. 

Behind each meticulously curated segment is our exceptional editorial team—a group dedicated to delivering accurate, insightful, and thought-provoking content. They are passionate about providing the right information and creating a magazine that resonates with the intellect and curiosity of our readers.

Our story & Ethics

The Social Digest is a  magazine by Esteem Publication, where captivating stories, vibrant visuals and insightful articles come together to create an immersive reading experience. We are a team committed to stimulate your mind, with challenging perspectives, and igniting conversations that matter. Immerse yourself in a curated blend of in-depth analysis, insightful commentary, and captivating narratives that push the boundaries of conventional thought.

As we start on a Journey with segments trending, we entrust to walk the path of inclusiveness and grow in terms of segments, knowledge as well as daily dose of something interesting. Join us on a journey where curiosity meets contemplation, and ideas are the catalysts for change.

Welcome to a magazine that sparks reflection and encourages you to ponder the world around you.

The Social Digest’s mission is to provide trusted guidance about the ideas and people who shape and improve the world. This promise lives at the center of our editorial work, fast-growing new divisions, innovative new products, and partner solutions. The Social Digest seeks to be a trusted media company in this world. We are committed to producing journalism that meets the highest standards. No matter the subject or the intended audience, The Social Digest’s journalism should reflect our commitment to quality and to integrity. The reputation of the company and the respect accorded to our journalism depend on upholding these shared values.

Our Team


Vedant Bhrambhatt

Letters to the Editor should include the writer’s full name, address, and home telephone and, if published, may be edited for purposes of clarity and space.  To contact, please email editor@thesocialdigest.com


Souberi Chakrabarti 
Editorial Director, Lifestyle & History

Have a story you think will be appropriate for Souberi Chakrabart’s segments, feel free to email her an editorial letter at souberi@thesocialdigest.com
She is open to interview and content suggestions for her segments.


Surbhi Thanki
Editorial Director, Mythology 

Have a story story you think will be appropriate for Surbhi Thanki’s segments, feel free to email her an editorial letter at surbhi@thesocialdigest.com
She is open to interview and content suggestions for her segments.