Celebrating Films- The jubilant atmosphere of Award Shows

Award shows have been an integral part of the cinema and theatre industry. It is a formal way of acknowledging the efforts of the artists and honoring them with awards. Award shows play a crucial role in showcasing talent and new faces to the audience. From the ‘Oscars’ to the ‘Golden Globe’ to the ‘Filmfare’ to the ‘IIFA’, award shows are celebrated as a ceremony across the world, swinging across movies, music, and television shows.

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Evolution of Cameras: From Film Cameras to Digital Cameras

The evolution of the camera is strongly linked to the history of film. Although, their ground-breaking ability to capture motion made early film cameras severely limited in what could be done in the filmmaking process. This article covers the evolution of cameras across time in the theatre, emphasising how advancements in technology changed not just the technical aspects of filmmaking but also the visual language and narrative possibility of the art.

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Cinema and Censorship

Cinema has long, long been a battleground for artistic expression and societal norms, with censorship often playing a controversial, yet fascinatingly tense role. As filmmakers push boundaries, relentless clashes arise between creative freedom and the desperate desire to maintain noble cultural sensitivities. Striking a balance, or maybe not, between artistic integrity and responsible representation, remains an ongoing, somewhat precarious challenge in the ever-evolving, mind-boggling landscape of cinema!

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The Unseen World of Backstage

The stage lights blaze, the actors deliver their lines, and the audience roars with applause. But for every dazzling performance, there exists a hidden world that makes it all possible: the backstage. This unseen realm is a beehive of activity, a carefully choreographed dance of unseen professionals working in tandem to bring the magic onstage to life. Backstage is anything but still.

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How does cinema depict myths and legends- Mythology in Cinema

Cinema brings myths and legends from antiquity to life. The classic tales, full of magical elements and universal themes, fit perfectly on the big screen. Filmmakers create amazing creatures and epic battles with special effects of magic. Sets and costumes carry us into the heart of legendary realms, from the fanciful jungles to enigmatic civilizations. The essential elements of myths never change, even when they are modified to fit the storyline of a movie. A key component of mythology, symbolism is translated into images to deepen the meaning of the narrative. By using these techniques, the film makes sure that these classic stories never go out of style, capturing our imaginations and providing a window into the rich cultural diversity of humanity.

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