The Unseen World of Backstage

The stage lights blaze, the actors deliver their lines, and the audience roars with applause. But for every dazzling performance, there exists a hidden world that makes it all possible: the backstage. This unseen realm is a beehive of activity, a carefully choreographed dance of unseen professionals working in tandem to bring the magic onstage to life. Backstage is anything but still.

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“When You Pass Over My Tomb”- A Review of Sergio Blanco’s play

Sergio Blanco, an illustrious figure in contemporary theater, unveils a captivating narrative in his latest creation, "When You Pass over My Tomb." This theatrical marvel beckons spectators to navigate the delicate interplay between life and death, exploring the enduring connections that transcend mortal boundaries. In this comprehensive review, we unravel the profound themes, commendable performances, and Blanco's distinctive storytelling that collectively shape this theatrical opus.

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Writers’ Workshop Festival at LA

The Center Theatre Group announces Writer’s Workshop Festival 2024!The Los Angeles audiences have the opportunity to watch 6 different and new plays. The Center Theatre Group has given the opportunity to different writers to present their plays at L.A. Writer’s Workshop Festival which will take place from Friday 26th January to Sunday 28th January, 2024. Tickets are available online. The venue for the Festival is Kirk Douglas Theatre. Since 2005 CTG has supported playwrights to present new plays at the workshop.

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