Childhood Trauma & Adult Life

Childhood is considered to be the period of joy, happiness and innocence but this might not be the case with everyone because a lot of people suffer a lot in their childhood, often called childhood trauma. These may lead to mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD, and can impair social functioning and relationships. Additionally, they might influence physical health outcomes, including chronic illnesses and substance abuse. Childhood encompasses a lot of toxic experiences including abuse, neglect, parental separation, witnessing violence, or experiencing natural disasters.  These traumatic experiences can influence their behavior, way of thinking, emotions, mentality etc.

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She said NO!

Witnessing the latest rape and robbery case in Jharkhand, the country is once again confronting the terrible reality of gender-based violence. The event highlighted the stark inadequacies in safeguarding women's safety and security in India and rocked the nation's conscience. The case's specifics are both well-known and terrible. A young woman was taken advantage of, by those with evil purposes as she went about her everyday business. She was brutally attacked and robbed, adding her name to the lengthy list of victims who have suffered at the hands of predators who are allowed to walk free in society.

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Delving into the Archaeology of Ideals

Ideals are persistent remnants in the broad terrain of human thought that influence individuals and society. Examining the archaeology of values is like peeling back the layers of our collective consciousness to find the pillars around which civilizations have been constructed. The basic topic of this investigation is: What principles have shaped humankind throughout history? We must find the ruins of the old belief systems that provided the foundation for the current moral, ethical, and philosophical fabric to begin this archaeological dig. This exploration eras from the Ancient Greeks to the 20th Century, including the Indus Valley civilization, Egyptian pyramid, Renaissances, medieval Europe, and some more.

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