When Did Humans Start Settling Down?

A long time ago, like really long ago, humans didn't stay in one place. They moved around, hunting animals and picking food from plants. But then, about 10,000 years ago, they decided to stick around in one spot. They began growing their food, like wheat and veggies, and raising animals like cows and sheep. This change made life more stable because they didn't have to keep searching for food all the time. They built houses and villages where they could stay for good. This settling down brought big changes. People got jobs like farming, making tools, and trading stuff with other settled groups. It also helped them learn new stuff like making pottery and writing.

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Wealth has become extremely important in today’s world. Without it even survival becomes difficult. Due to this, thousands of businesses are starting every day to earn more money and satisfy the needs and wants. But does that make wealth the only necessary thing in life? Can it make one happy all by itself? It definitely cannot. It is extremely important to survive in the modern world, but life is not just about surviving, it is about living. To live a happy life, peace, contentment, love and overall holistic wellbeing are required.

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