Can Money Buy Happiness?

Wealth has become extremely important in today’s world. Without it even survival becomes difficult. Due to this, thousands of businesses are starting every day to earn more money and satisfy the needs and wants. But does that make wealth the only necessary thing in life? Can it make one happy all by itself? It definitely cannot. It is extremely important to survive in the modern world, but life is not just about surviving, it is about living. To live a happy life, peace, contentment, love and overall holistic wellbeing are required.

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Over-Population: The Problem of Plenty

The enormity of the Indian population is affecting all aspects of human life. The economy is facing ‘The Problem of Plenty’ due to the over-population. While the provision of resources becomes a challenge, the ongoing businesses get a boost due to the thumping demands of the huge population. The startups face many challenges because of over-population. They face problems like, high competition, lack of vocational education and inaccessibility or lack of accessibility of governmental schemes and policies. This is restricting India to a Developing Economy. In order to make the Indian economy a mighty one, the optimum utilization of the abundant human resources is a must.

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