When Did Humans Start Settling Down?

A long time ago, like really long ago, humans didn't stay in one place. They moved around, hunting animals and picking food from plants. But then, about 10,000 years ago, they decided to stick around in one spot. They began growing their food, like wheat and veggies, and raising animals like cows and sheep. This change made life more stable because they didn't have to keep searching for food all the time. They built houses and villages where they could stay for good. This settling down brought big changes. People got jobs like farming, making tools, and trading stuff with other settled groups. It also helped them learn new stuff like making pottery and writing.

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Lost Cities of the Maya: Exploring the Enigmatic Ruins in the Heart of the Jungle

Deep within the jungles of Central America lies the remnants of one of the most enigmatic civilization-the Maya. Maya cities were the centers of population of the pre-Columbian Maya Civilization of Mesoamerica. They served roles of administration, commerce, manufacturing, and religion which characterized ancient cities worldwide. Some Researchers spotted an ancient Maya city using LiDAR, in the jungles of the Balamaku ecological reserve on the Yucatan Peninsula. On further ground investigation, they found an array of complex structures which were unknown to researchers earlier. The array of buildings discovered leads to the idea that this city might have played a major role in the region.

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The exploration of the world has been shaped by various explorers, from Ibn Battuta to Prince Henry the Navigator. Their journeys, driven by diverse motivations, transcend geography, marking the convergence of cultures, opening new trade routes, and forging connections that transcend time. These trailblazers' stories reveal a shared human spirit that drives us toward the unknown, seeking to unravel the mysteries beyond the horizon. Their journeys transcend geography and contribute to our understanding of the world.


Warriors of Sinauli

Quietly lying in the Ganga - Yamuna doab in the western Uttar Pradesh, is now the talk of the town after the excavations of wheeled chariots and metallic objects dated back to 4000 BC. In 2018, archaeologists D.V Sharma and S.K. Manjul unearthed a burial site dating back to the Harappan civilization, around 2000 BCE at the beginning. The site revealed chariots, weapons, pottery, and skeletal remains, providing insights into the culture and practices of that era. The warriors buried at Sinauli are believed to have played a role in ancient rituals or warfare.

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