Romanticizing the Chintz of India

Who would not like some music in their daily lives. Moreover, if it's some tadka of old Indian Bollywood style, none can hold their joy over it. Talking about Bollywood songs - have you heard of the song "pan khaye sayian humare...savli suratiya pe chintz lal lal...aye Haye malmal ka kurta..."  While listening to this evergreen classic none must have imagined how beautifully it praised the traditional design of "Chintz".  A classic as this song goes - equally classic goes the history of this breathtaking designing technique. "Chintz" refers to a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton fabric that originated in India. The word "chintz" is derived from the Hindi word "chint," which means spotted or variegated. This textile has a rich history and has been produced in India for centuries. Let's travel back to the history if chintz and romanticize the beauty of its influence

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