Celebrating Films- The jubilant atmosphere of Award Shows

Award shows have been an integral part of the cinema and theatre industry. It is a formal way of acknowledging the efforts of the artists and honoring them with awards. Award shows play a crucial role in showcasing talent and new faces to the audience. From the ‘Oscars’ to the ‘Golden Globe’ to the ‘Filmfare’ to the ‘IIFA’, award shows are celebrated as a ceremony across the world, swinging across movies, music, and television shows.

The awards shows in 2024 began with the Emmys ceremony on January 6, and ended with the BAFTA, Sundance Film Festival, and the Oscars. The awards were handed mostly to the famous movies that conquered the entertainment of audiences, which were ‘Oppenheimer’, ‘Barbie’, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, ‘The Bear’ ‘Succession’, and many more.

In India the 69th Filmfare awards took place on 27th and 28th January in the city of Gandhinagar. The film ‘Rocky aur Rani ki Prem Kahaani’, ‘Animal’, ‘Pathaan’, ‘Jawaan’, and ‘12th Fail’ had maximum nominations and winners. These films showed us relatable content and social life with a hint of drama and humor. Throughout the existence of cinema, it has been the tendency of people to like some or the other work, and also to see their favorite artists win awards for their efforts.

The celebration of films also brings the festival of fashion, where each one has to be better than the other to represent themselves. Fashion plays an important role in award shows; the celebrities wear expensive collections of luxurious brands that go with the theme. As seen in the ‘Golden Globe Awards’ the celebrities were indulged in ‘Vintage’ themed clothes. Also at the Oscar’s night the celebrities embraced the ‘vintage’ style. The theme of vintage basically highlighted the need of sustainability, according to some fashion icons- creating new dresses is not really necessary if they have a whole ‘goldmine’ of retro dresses.

The award shows have a basic pattern, of course, not all award shows are different, but each have a certain pattern to follow. All the celebrities sit together and await the announcement of the winners. The winners are requested to collect their award and give an acceptance speech. The award shows are meant for fair competitions. All the nominees along with the audience accept their winner decided by the jury of the particular award show. The award ceremonies are mainly focused on representing the skills and talents that have emerged during the year. It is competitive yet enjoyable and fun.

The award show creates a stage for fan clubs to make their favorite win. It is filled with exciting red carpet moments including mind-blowing on- stage performances to emotional moments while collecting the award. These achievements are cherished by the audiences. It is not only the distributing of respective awards but it’s also a tribute to art forms, in fields like music, cinema, drama, writing, or dance. Through the lens of cinema some captivating stories catch the eye of audience, which are celebrated through award shows.

Written by- Mishti Gadhavi | Edited by- Apurv Nayak