Glasgow Film Festival 2024

The 20th Glasgow Film Festival (GFF) concluded on March 10, 2024, marking a resounding success. Over twelve glorious days, the festival brimmed with cinematic energy, showcasing a diverse array of films for every taste. From grand premieres to hidden gems, the GFF ignited a passion for cinema among attendees.

The 20th Glasgow Film Festival (GFF) concluded on March 10, 2024, leaving a trail of cinematic magic in its wake. This two-week long extravaganza, running from February 28th to March10th, wasn’t just a celebration of films; it was a vibrant tapestry woven with premieres, industry events, and a shared passion for the moving image. The festival’s true strength lay in its diverse offerings. Film enthusiasts were treated to a staggering number of premieres, igniting a sense of discovery and anticipation. 69 films received their UK debuts at the GFF, while 11 world and international premieres, and 15 Scottish premieres added to the global flair. Whether it was a highly-anticipated Hollywood blockbuster or a hidden gem from an emerging filmmaker, the GFF had something for everyone.

Award contenders like “The Teachers’ Lounge” (Germany’s Oscar entry) and “Io Capitano” (nominated for Best International Film) were screened alongside buzzy titles like Bertrand Bonello’s sci-fi romance “The Beast” and Ewan McGregor starring in “Bleeding Love.” There was a strong focus on Scottish films, including the world premiere of the restored “Billy Connolly: Big Banana Feet” and Glasgow director Ciaran Lyons’ “Tummy Monster.”

Audience favorites included the Icelandic football documentary “The Home Game” which won the Audience Award and the darkly comedic “Tummy Monster” which required extra screenings due to high demand.

The festival kicked off with the UK premiere of the queer crime thriller “Love Lies Bleeding” starring Kristen Stewart and closed with the world premiere of the documentary “Janey” about Glaswegian comedian Janey Godley. The Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) served as the beating heart of the festival, its iconic façade a beacon for cinephiles. Interestingly, the festival spirit spilled out into various venues across the city, ensuring that the entire city became a cinematic playground. This decentralization not only made the festival more accessible but also likely fostered a unique sense of community among the attendees, sparking conversations and debates about the films they had just witnessed.

The Glasgow Film Festival hosted a variety of awards to honor movies and directors among other categories.

The Audience Award – This award is voted by the festival attendees and is sponsored by MUBI.
The Scottish Short Film Award – This award honors the best Scottish short film. In 2024, it went to “Friends on the Outside” by Annabel Moodie.
The Bill Douglas Award for Best International Short Film – This award recognizes the best international short film. In 2024, the winner was “And How Miserable Is The Home Of Evil” by Saleh Kashefi.
The GSFF24 International Audience Award – Chosen by festival goers, this award recognizes the most popular international short film. The 2024 winner was “Wander to Wonder” by Nina Gantz.
The GSFF24 Scottish Audience Award – This award, chosen by the audience, honors the most popular Scottish short film. The 2024 winner was “Care” by Jagoda Tłok.
The Young Scottish Filmmaker Prize – This award is given to two promising young Scottish filmmakers. In 2024, the winners were Guy Woods for “Mouth” and Becky Miková for “The House of Culture”.

Beyond the public screenings, the GFF also catered to the film industry itself. The Industry Programme, held from March 3rd to 7th, provided a crucial platform for professionals to connect, share ideas, and nurture the next generation of the filmmaking talent. Panel discussions, workshops, and networking events fostered a collaborative environment, potentially leading to exciting new projects and partnerships.

The 20th Glasgow Film Festival wasn’t just about premieres and industry gatherings; it was a testament to the enduring power of cinema. It brought people together, sparking conversations, igniting imaginations, and transporting them to different worlds. The festival’s success can be attributed to its commitment to diversity, its embrace of new talent, and its ability to create a space where filmmakers and audiences could connect and celebrate their shared love for the silver screen.

While the 2024 edition has concluded, the anticipation for the 21st GFF has already begun. With its unwavering dedication to films, the Glasgow Film Festival is poised to continue its reign as a major player in the global cinematic landscape.

The 20th Glasgow Film Festival drew to a close on March 10, 2024, leaving behind a legacy of cinematic triumph. The festival solidified its reputation as a major film event, not just in the UK but also on the international stage. The closing ceremony marked a culmination of premieres, industry gatherings, and a shared love for films. The Audience Award, a highlight for many, recognized the power of crowd favorites. Industry professionals likely departed with newfound connections and a spark of inspiration for future projects. Beyond the awards and recognition, the true success of the GFF resided in the memories it created. For film enthusiasts, it was a fortnight of discovery, laughter, and tears. The festival fostered a vibrant community, sparking conversations and igniting a passion for the moving image that will undoubtedly carry over until the next GFF lights up the silver screen.

Written by- Shirsa Dasgupta | Edited by- Apurv Nayak