Beyond the lens of Instagram: Santorini, Greece

Far away in Greece there exists a beautiful island filled with ethereal scenery and eye-soothing landscapes. It is known as the island named Santorini. It has attained its beauty which can be perceived by us today, through the volcanic eruption it had around “3600 years” ago. It is counted as one of the most stunning Cycladic Islands of Greece. Fira and Ois are filled with white domed buildings on the top of the crag, with unique and interesting small villages as well as mesmerizing pictures of sunsets and sunrises. It also provides a good spot for couples to spend their honeymoons or vacations and enjoy all the romantic sites of the island in the presence of each other.

Expectations vs Reality

A Magnificent Scenery: You would expect the place to have a picture-perfect view of a sunrise or a sunset, which would be perfect to boast about on your Instagram page. Instead, you would just find a crowd of many people just like you, all gathered to find a good photo of the scenery, to post on their social media. 

White Walls with Blue Hats: One might expect the island to have buildings that are dashingly white as well as a pretty blue dome-shaped structure that is seen to enhance the overall view of the island with its atmosphere around. In reality, the place has a lot of old buildings that need to be worked upon, and if done properly, probably could light up the atmosphere. 

Magnificent Beaches: Many individuals expect the beaches of Santorini to be the most picturesque view to be experienced. The white foamy waves that hit the shore, with soft and fine sand under our feet all scream a perfect relaxation on the beach. But in reality, it is filled with uneven surfaces. Because of the volcanic eruptions, the shore contains the remains of the volcanic eruptions as well as small rocks and pebbles which could easily be an annoyance to a person. If you decide to go have a relaxing moment at the beach, make sure to carry some sandals. 

The Roads and the Pathways: When we think about places inside the island, we immediately think about the pretty and aesthetic “cobblestone paths” that make it easier for a person to travel through the small towns and villages of the island. The shops, the town squares, the eateries, etc., all add to the experience of the island. In reality, it contains “steep elevations” that could be a workout rather than a vacation. The island would be a great option for someone who is looking for physical activeness, for the trip. 

Is it worth the hype? 

Yes, Santorini is worth the hype! The island put forward a lot for the people to enjoy. It is an island that is situated in the Aegean Sea alongside the remains of the volcanic eruptions, which has created this alluring image. It also has small towns, hilltops, beautiful treks as well as a brilliant view of both the sun-rise and the sunset. If you opt for a more luxurious visit, it contains that too. From amazing hotels to classy beach clubs to famous churches, it has got it all!

Ways to have a budget-friendly trip to Santorini: 

A trip to Santorini could be expensive for many individuals. But with proper planning, any trip could be economically affordable as well as fun. Some of the tips are given below:  

  • Watching the sunset would be one of the cheaper but memorable experiences. Places like Fira, Caldera, Akrotiri, etc all are options from where you can see the sunset but with smaller crowds and less money paid!
  • Santorini is well-known for its beautiful landscapes, and to best enjoy those views, you can always take a trek through the island. From the sea to the volcanic eruptions, you would be in for a view that would make you awestruck.
  • Go pay a visit to the “Ancient Site of Akrotiri” and learn more about the history and ancient architecture of the island. The fees would be “12 euros” for each individual, which would be cost efficient and you can explore a little more about the island. 
  • You can also go on a boat ride into the open sea and visit different beaches, for example, the famous red beach. The cool breeze on your hair and the ocean fragrance could set your mood in the most positive one, on the trip!

If you are still not convinced to visit Santorini, Greece and you want to visit an island apart from Santorini, there are more than 6,000 islands in Greece, each with their specialties Lefkada, Crete, Angistri, Chios, etcetera. These are all places with a unique quality of their own to please a particular group of people. Although, in overall terms, Santorini is one of the most spectacular experiences, that a person should want to experience in his life at least for once. Not just for boasting in front of others, but rather for an experience on a much more personal level. 

Article by Preeti Rojan | Edited by Saumya Sharma