Top 10 most popular food festivals around the globe.

A food festival is an event that features a variety of foods, which are usually available for tasting or purchase. A food festival is a fun-filled event where different kinds of foods from various cultures are showcased. The food highlighted at one of these festivals may be a specific ingredient – such as a vegetable or meat – or a style of cooking. It can also focus on a specific cuisine or region of the world. Some events feature a specific type of cuisine, such as Italian, French, or Chinese. A food festival may also highlight a style of cooking like barbecue, or a general concept, such as local or organic foods. A food festival may have events such as cooking competitions, chef appearances, or cooking demonstrations. During such contests, chefs the cooks may compete to prepare the best recipe to win a prize. The top 10 most popular food festivals around the globe are mentioned below:


Oktoberfest is the annual festival of Germany, from mid or late September and ending on the first Sunday in October. Oktoberfest is the celebration of beer with millions of other beer lovers. Oktoberfest began as a wedding celebration on October 12, 1810, in the marriage of King Louis I. The wedding was celebrated with multiple days of drinking, feasting, and horse races.  Millions of visitors travel thousands of miles to Munich, Germany each year to experience their good time of the 2-week long festival. The celebration then became an annual event. It is one of the most famous food festivals in the world.


Pizzafest is an annual event that brings together pizza enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the beloved dish. The first pizza day was arranged in Naples in 1995. This 5 to 7-day event features fifty of the city’s most popular pizzas, who prepared mouth-watering samples for the guests. This vibrant and exciting festival showcases everything pizza-related, from the classics to creative modern variations. Pizzafest offers a fantastic opportunity to indulge in delicious slices; it discovers new flavor combinations and the cultural significance of this iconic food.

Salon Du Chocolat

It was the idea of Sylvie Douce and Francois Jeantet to begin the Salon du Chocolat in 1994 at a dinner party. They wanted to create a trade show about chocolate for professionals and the public. The history of chocolate is important; it began in Mexico, it was used as means of bartering and medicine. Salon du Chocolat began as a tribute to the artistry and tradition of chocolate making. The festival lets you relish the taste of the finest of chocolates, and watch a fashion show with models.

Dumpling Festival

Dumpling Festival is also known as the Dragonboat Festival. The celebration of the Dumpling Festival is based on the lunar calendar. Typically celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month, from late May to early June, the festival has its origins in the Warring States era of China. The rice dumplings (zongzi) are traditionally wrapped in bamboo leaves and then steamed or boiled before eating. They come with a variety of fillings to suit all tastes and palates. People eat dumplings to symbolize wealth and prosperity. It is said that if you eat enough dumplings during this period you will be blessed with a prosperous year ahead.

Taste of Chicago

Taste of Chicago has been a foodie staple for more than 40 years. Arnie Morton decided to line up Chicago restaurants to participate and then persuaded Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne and the commissioner for the first taste of Chicago on July 4, 1980. In September, the classic food festival will take over Grant Park with more than 35 of Chicago’s favorite food vendors, live music performances, community dance lessons, a karaoke competition, etc.

Tokyo Ramen Show

Tokyo Ramen Show is Japan’s biggest event for the nation’s favorite dish, Ramen. The event takes place in Olympic Park and lasts for 11 days. The event is divided into two parts (26-31 October and 1-5 November) and in total it features 36 different Ramen stores from all over Japan. Regional ramen styles from all over the country, including many popular local favorites will be available from stalls at the event. The Tokyo Ramen Show takes place every year to help support regional food culture. As the weather gets colder, warm up with some delicious ramen from across Japan.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

One of the tastiest highlights on Melbourne’s major events calendar is the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. It is spread across 10 days from March 15-24. It’s a massive celebration of the city. The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival began in 1993 with 12 events. The festival claims to attract food and wine experts from across the world, including chefs and winemakers. 

Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

The festival has taken place annually in Des Moines since 2008 and is recognized as one of the world’s premier bacon fellowship organizations. Over the past 12 years, the festival has added annual event locations in Colorado, Iceland, and Japan. This sizzling occasion offers participants extensive bacon sampling, bacon lectures, bacon-inspired dishes, bacon competitions, an annual bacon queen, bacon awards, and live entertainment.

Giant Omelet celebration

Every Easter, the Brotherhood of the Giant Omelet gathers as they have for decades in France to crack more than 15,000 eggs to cook a giant omelet and distribute portions to thousands of observers who flock to the festivities. It is a captivating celebration deeply rooted in a historical legend and culinary tradition. The organization’s mission is very simple, which is: “To prepare and serve free of charge and full of joy, a giant omelet.”

Olney Pancake Race

The most famous pancake race takes place at Olney in Buckinghamshire. According to tradition, in 1445 a woman of Olney heard the shriving bell while she was making pancakes and ran to the church in her apron, still clutching her frying pan. In this race, competitors have to be local housewives and they must wear an apron and a hat or scarf. Each contestant has a frying pan containing a hot pancake. She must toss it three times during the race. The first woman to complete the race and arrive at the church serves her pancake to the bellringer, and she is the winner. 

Article by Jessica Christian | Edited by Saumya Sharma