From “Haiyah!” to World Domination: Decoding Uncle Roger.

Nigel is a 32-year Chinese-Malaysian comedian and food critic, he has also appeared in many reality shows. Born in Malaysia, Nigel is now settled in London, after completing his high school graduation he moved to the United States, where he majored in engineering and minored in philosophy. He started his career as a data scientist but later decided to be a comedian, as he thought he was comfortable with it, and finally made his debut in Comedy Central’s Stand Up Central in 2018.

He is famous on the internet because of his fictional character “Uncle Roger” a middle-aged Asian man who critiques cooking videos in an intentionally Cantonese English Accent, there he deliberately roasts different chefs with the only intention of making his audiences laugh, along with these critiques video he has also hosted a comedy podcast with his partner Evelyn Mok called “Rice To Meet You” based on Asian Culture. He was also invited as a special guest on Season 2 of MasterChef Singapore, He was a judge member on Junior MasterChef Indonesia Season 3.

In 2020 he rose to fame by appearing with one of the BBC Chef Harsha Patel, where he first reacted to her video of making egg-fried rice he hilariously said,

Why you measure water with? Just use finger! Finger! You put rice, put water, until finger- first joint, the finger. That’s how you measure the water. Not with British teacup. Haiyaaa

The clip went viral and he and Harsha together appeared on the channel. The most viewed and loved videos of his are the reviews on Gordan Ramsay’s cooking skills, he in the video always hilariously reacts to the dishes made by Ramsay.


From the videos, we know that Uncle Roger is a huge fan of MSG, also in one of the videos he said,

If you are sad in life use MSG, if you are happy in life use MSG- use MSG. Put MSG in everything, it will turn better. You just get a baby? Put MSG on baby

This shows his obsession with MSG!! according to him anything without MSG is tasteless, even life!! 


Though Nigel gained so much love from his fans, there were times he went through his lows, back in 2023 Nigel commented on one of the traditional cuisines of Cambodia after which the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia demanded an apology from him, another incident happened when on 12th January 2021 Ng, apologized on Weibo due to some political conflict, also in 2020 he was assaulted in London, he was slapped in the middle of street in an alleged racial attack.

Going through such things wasn’t easy for him, but he is still there to entertain his audiences, which is a very appreciable thing, and he never fails to make his fans laugh with his humorous and hilarious comments.

Article by Yashvi S. Kumar | Edited by Saumya Sharma