10 Culinary Gadgets you didn’t know you needed

The kitchen is the soul of a household, and food certain times heals the soul of the man. The kitchen is a place where our food is being prepared with effort and love, that food which gives us energy, to get us through the day. But at certain times it is not possible to give enough time and effort to make fancy and delicious dishes every day. In today’s time, where people are hustling away, busy with their studies and workload, it becomes necessary to have nutritious food. Therefore, the existence of many kitchen gadgets makes it easier to get through some troubles of cooking and makes life a lot easier and fun.

Vegetable Spiralizer

Ever got bored eating the same vegetables over and over again in the same old way? Well, not anymore! With ‘Vegetable Spiralizer’ you can eat your vegetable in a more fun way, and get as creative with it as you want. You can even try making new dishes with the cut vegetables, for example, making ‘zucchini pasta’ by using boiled noodles and tossing it in pasta sauce. This way you will get your nutrients and also have a new way to enjoy your vegetables.

Air fryer 

Fresh fruit water in stainless steel cooler generated by AI

Do you enjoy having fries, wings, and donuts but at the same time, hate the oiliness of those delicacies? Well, look no further, as we have the perfect solution for it. ‘Air fryer’ is the perfect investment for a foodie. It provides us with the crispiness we long, without the greasiness that comes with it. In that way, you not only save money on the oil but would have a way to enjoy those snacks more healthily. Similarly, this gadget would also be a tool to make many dishes we hesitated to make because of the calories, like wings, fries, tater tots, and much more. So say hello to food heaven!

Stand mixer

People love to eat, pasta, pizzas, cakes, and many more dishes like the given. But the tediousness, as well as the hard work it takes, repels the people to make those dishes. Therefore, with the help of a ‘Stand Mixer’, we can reduce the long load for us to do, as the mixing part, (considerably the most time-consuming and strength-draining work) is already done by the machine itself. So all that’s left for us is to put that batter in the pan or put the dough in the oven with all the delicious topics we like. Thus, the prayers of all the bakery and pastry chefs have been answered. 


Free photo empty iron grill pan on table

We all love having a nice grilled sandwich, or a smoky grilled kabab, in the comforts of our home. But ordering the dish every day would be expensive as well as unhealthy. By owning a ‘Grill pan’ you can make these dishes come to reality and enjoy these cozied up in your room. Not only that, but you can also control the amount of spice, the amount of grease, the amount of sauce, and much more when you make your dishes. Ever in the mood for a sizzling, hot kabab, or a cheesy grilled sandwich, you know what will be on your wish list next Christmas.  

Pasta Machine

Free photo close-up person making pasta with machine

Pasta is a dish that is usually liked by people all over the place. The soft and chewy pasta, with the spicy, creamy, or tangy sauce that clings to every piece or strand of the pasta, is a very blissful experience. But we are not really sure what goes into the ingredients of the store-bought pasta, which we often consume. ‘Pasta Machine’ is an equipment that helps us make fresh pasta from scratch. Just prepare your dough, and turn it into sheets, and put it through the machine, and voila! You have your fresh pasta ready to be devoured.

Hand Blender 

Photo woman cooking fresh blueberry smoothie using hand blender at kitchen at home. healthy eating

Do you have trouble with your blender taking up too much space in your kitchen? Or have trouble with the wire being too short when you are operating the blender? Well, we bring the solution to you, by introducing ‘Hand Blender’. Smoothies, purees, and pastes all can be made with its help. It also takes less time than the normal blender as well as less space occupied. It is versatile in its use and can easily fit into any vessel. If you want your smoothie-making process a little bit more fun, then you know what to buy!

Juice Maker

Free photo beautiful girl making carrot juice

When it’s blazing hot outside, and we all just want to lay down in the cooling breeze of our air conditioner and drink cold refreshments all day. With ‘Juice Maker’ we can make cool and refreshing fruit juices for us every day. Be it orange or carrot, anything can be made into a tasty drink. Not only is it cost-efficient, but also can be way healthier than the normal soft drinks that we consume. So Say hello to much cooler summers and a healthier lifestyle!  

Milk Frother 

File:Milk frother wand battery powered.jpg

Many individuals start their day with coffee. Be it cold, or hot, the caffeine gives a kick start to the day, of those people. The real essence of the coffee remains in the aroma and taste of the coffee, but the foamy part on the top is the most entertaining part of the coffee. The foamy and giggly top layer is pleasing to the eyes and also a great way to get a foam mustache! So instead of wasting your precious money in buying coffee from cafes, why not try making it yourself?

Dutch oven 

Free Roaster Dutch Oven photo and picture

Ever craved a hot steaming bowl of stew? Or a steaming plate of fried rice? You say it and it could be made! With ‘Dutch Oven’ we can make a variety of dishes and put an end to all our cravings. Dutch oven can be used for braising, deep-frying, sautéing, making stew, and even for baking bread. We can fulfill the purpose of many utensils in a single investment. Also, it tends to hold heat for a long time, and evenly distribute that heat in every part of the vessel. So next time instead of ordering or eating out, try making the thing by yourself, who knows if it will end up tasting even more special!


Fresh herb seasoning in rustic wood bowl generated by AI

In the olden times, our ancestors used to make many pastes, like coconut paste, turmeric paste, etcetera, with the help of mortars which were bigger and heavier than of today’s age. In today’s time, the mortars are way smaller and compatible to be kept in a modern-day kitchen. Mortars can be a very good investment for a person, as it is used not just for grinding pastes for a dish, but also medicinal paste for someone who is not well. Many people also have a knack for making mojitos and cocktails. ‘Mortar and Pestle’ can help them create the perfect refreshment they need after a long tiring day. The robust flavors and aromas of the ingredients, the control of the texture as well and the low space-taking quality provide us with a much better option than the blender which becomes a menace for us at times.

Although we can always go back to our traditional ways of normally cutting up the vegetables putting everything in a blender or just ordering a coffee, it’s not just the money that we are worried about, but the main concern is about the time. With many of the above appliances, we not only save money but also save a large amount of time.

Article by Preeti Rojan | Edited by Saumya Sharma