Manohar Grandhi on Sleep and Insomnia: An expert’s insight!

Hailing from Hyderabad, India, boasts a 15-year tenure in the software industry. His journey took a significant turn in 2019 when he battled insomnia, resorting to consultations with psychologists and anti-anxiety medication. However, his discovery of meditation marked a pivotal moment, gradually alleviating his anxiety and restoring peaceful sleep. Author of “My Sleepless Nights” and two other books available on Amazon, Manohar now shares his expertise to guide others from restless nights to restorative sleep.

The Social Digest: The program “Insomnia Switch-Off Method™️” What is it all about? And if you could please share your experience in curating this program?

If you notice in your house that is under construction just when the bricks and walls are constructed electrical wiring is installed. Some wires go under the bricks.
Only because the wires are laid underneath do you get the feeling of the fan or the light getting switched ‘off or on’ on the press of a switch. Taking the same analogy, the Insomnia Switch off method is building all the necessary wires that will help you switch off Insomnia. This is laying the foundation to completely switch off Insomnia even if by chance you get into things like re-bound Insomnia. All you need to do is to Just turn off the switch. Because you have the circuit ready. In this world that is fast changing everyone is looking for an instant fix to get over Insomnia or any other challenges.

The problem will stay until you learn to see the problem with a new lens.

The Social Digest: What according to you is the major cause of Insomnia? And what are the psycho-social effects of Insomnia? 

From my personal experience and the experience of talking with quite a lot of people Insomnia is often the fruit. But the root cause is something way different.  But the core of the things boils down to one thing which is survival for the brain. The brain as it is cannot differentiate between a real danger and an imaginary danger. The bigger problem is with the imaginary danger because, in the case of the real danger, the problem is known. But in the case of imaginary danger, the problem itself is illusionary. The problem will stay until you learn to see the problem with a new lens.
The psycho-social effects can be diverse because the fact is every brain perceives dangers differently. It could be hair fall for one and it could be gastric issues for another it could be issues with reproduction for others. The brain just compromises on the things that are not very important for survival.

The Social Digest: In your experience as a Sleep Coach, what are some common misconceptions people have about sleep, and how do you address them?

  1. Sleeping less is a sign that you are making progress.
  2. You need to have 8 hours of sleep.
  3. Sleep is not the most important part of health it is the food we eat.
  4. Sleep issues can be fixed with Sleep tablets only. 

The Social Digest: Your approach to sleep coaching may differ from traditional methods. Can you describe your unique approach and the principles guiding your practice?

I keep probing with questions as to why people believe the things they believe. I find out what is the thing that is bothering them. What part of themselves are they not ready to accept?
I usually use stories from my real-life scenarios from movies and the books I read. Because the concepts may be forgotten but the stories are still in the brain.The most important thing is I just ask them to follow one thing and not 5  or 6 things. Because I believe in this amazing quote from Bruce Lee, “I don’t fear a man who practiced 10,000 kicks one time, but I fear a man who practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.”

The Social Digest: Can give our readers a sneak peek into your book “My Sleepless Nights.”

This book is my real-life story of how I sowed the seed of Insomnia. How I nurtured the seed. How it bothered me to a great extent and How I uprooted the plant of Insomnia from the roots. 
This book has stories and is a fast-paced read which is only 60 pages and is easy language to follow.

The Social Digest: A software engineer, a Sleep Coach, and an Author, that’s quite a combination, can you share how these three Manohar-s came together?

Right from my childhood I wanted to be an Engineer like my dad. I just copied him unconsciously and made choices like him. I took Mechanical Engineering because he was a Mechanical Engineer.  Because many were dreaming of a Software Job I got into Software Job. To a great extent, I had the same limiting beliefs as my father. I adopted his approach to functioning in the private sector and also the same way in my family. This created a mess in my life and because I overcame that this is becoming my message in life. So I become a Sleep Coach. The Author bit was my childhood fascination to be an Author and the mess in my life helped me become a published Author as I have a Story that is unique to me

The Social Digest: What advice would you offer to our readers who may be struggling with sleep-related issues or seeking to improve their sleep hygiene?

Don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Be Willing to ask for help. Vulnerability is Strength. Invest in creating routines that will calm the mind. It could be anything because no one size fits all. Play the game of relaxation with Zero Expectations.

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