Organized adventurers v/s free-spirited explorers: Which one are you?

Some people have their days fixed to the minute, then there are people who just cannot follow a schedule even for an hour. The same goes for traveling. So the question is… which one are you? Keep reading to find out.

Organized adventurers

An adventurer is a person who enjoys going to Adventure, which means discovering new paths to travel and doing something that even scares you a little.o new, unusual, and exciting places. to sojourn with the world and those who go on adventures with you. Second, a pushing of physical, emotional, and spiritual limits. Third, recognizing the stages of adventure… from the initial entry into the physical and emotional state, into the middle stage when adventure becomes familiar and closing with reflection upon that adventure. Last, recognition that adventure is not a binary challenge of success or failure, but instead something to elevate my soul regardless of how my ego wants to judge the outcome of the advent Making an effort to step outside your routine to experience something that ends up enriching your life and possibly another’s.

What does this organized adventurer do exactly?

They try to be motivated by taking part in fun, exciting, and adventurous activities and pursuits. They are always on the go and on the lookout for new sensations and stimulations, and even more enticingly, work opportunities that provide variety and stimulation.

Organized Adventurer exists to make travel planning easy and fun. I want you to feel the same excitement I do when you start to see your trip plans come together.

Om Organized Adventurer, you’ll find mega-detailed itineraries for trips big (like our round-the-world honeymoon) and small (like a weekend in South Dakota), the real stories on how we budget to travel (and how you can too), and a few freebie tools thrown in to pull your planning altogether.

Free-spirited explorer

Free Spirits are enthusiastic, adventurous, energetic, open-minded, stylish, and highly social travelers. They love fun and exciting experiences, with some learning on the side. They like to see all the main attractions and tend to be “checklist” travelers. So they always find delight in themselves in rounding around the world.

The Culture Vultures

Culture vultures are a type of traveler who plan their vacation around cultural experiences. Instead of focusing on architecture, nature, or popular attractions, they will likely research historical sights, popular festivals, appropriate traditional dress, and the must-eat conventional foods. This intention is focused on learning the ins and outs of someone else’s culture, visualizing how they live, and trying to assimilate into daily life.

They will look for tours led by locals, spend time in parks and restaurants where locals hang out, and seek authentic interaction with those outside the tourist industry. There are really no designated destinations for those who love cultural travel. These people are just seeking drastically different cultures from their own.

The Pilgrims

Pilgrims are travelers on a mission. Traditionally, they’re traveling for religious or spiritual purposes and follow a historic or ancient route to a sight of spiritual significance. Many popular pilgrimage routes, like the Camino de Santiago in Spain, have now become popular tourist attractions in their own right and are traversed by travelers for all sorts of reasons, not just spiritual ones.

The Thrill Seekers

This one is pretty self-explanatory—the consummate adrenaline junkies. The thrill-seeker is someone who plans their holiday around extreme mountain biking locations, the world’s best skydiving destinations, the tallest bungee jumps in the world, waterfall rappelling, the best surfing spots, spelunking, base jumping, etc. Sometimes they fly solo, but often they join tours of other adventure lovers to take on a massive challenge together.

The Explorers

Explorers are folks who live to get off the beaten path. They are not interested in anything they see on Instagram. They’re looking for the hidden gems of the world, and they are not afraid to tackle a series of challenges to find them. This often requires slow travel, cultural immersion, and a fearlessness that not every traveler has. Explorers are often willing to leave the comforts of their safety bubble, enter the unknown, and search out the extraordinary. However, they may also be city travelers, on the hunt for amazing and underrated cities.

The absolute best thing about travel is that it’s so personal. Take ten people and send them to the same place, on the same days, and they will have ten completely divergent experiences. Some of that is due to luck and happenstance, but there are also several different types of travelers, and your type partially dictates your experience. While there’s no right or wrong way to explore the world, which type of traveler you are will determine your budget, your level of cultural immersion, the activities you take on, and whether you come home rested and relaxed or totally wiped out!

We’ll just go ahead and put out there that there is no official list of the types of travelers. Every blog you read online will look a bit different. There are some scientific lists, but knowing what a “near allocentric” traveler is probably isn’t going to help you research and plan your next trip, so let’s take a look at more useful (Google-able) terminology and see what kind of traveler you might be!

Nature is the purest portal to inner peace

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Which one are you?

Cultural explorer

As a cultural explorer, you are defined by your love of experiences. You are most in your element when completely immersed yourself in a new place. Cultural explorers tend to seek out rustic outdoor adventures. You should make time to take in the local charm and discover the natural beauty of Sooke, by visiting Sooke Potholes Regional Park. This hidden treasure is tucked along the Sooke River and is home to cavernous polished rock pools and a number of beautiful trails that can accommodate any skill level.

Free spirit traveller

You’re adventurous and want to experience all that Sooke has to offer. As a Free-Spirit Traveller, your enthusiasm for life extends to your outlook on travel. You prefer letting each day happen spontaneously as opposed to having an itinerary planned. When visiting Sooke, you should embark on a whale-watching marine tour. Experience the glory of the open water as you get up close and personal with majestic marine life.

Gentle traveller

As a Gentle Explorer, you like returning to past destinations as you enjoy familiarity with a sense of security. You tend to seek places where you feel comfortable and avoid the ‘unknown.’ You enjoy well-organized travel packages and guided tours because they allow you to relax, have some fun, and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Are you ready to explore the unknown places?

Article by Teshil maring | Edited by Saumya Sharma