AI-driven initiatives Amazon employs to forge a sustainable tomorrow

In the time period which is usually highlighted by the need and careful measures for environmental protection, the multimillionaire companies have initiated various sustainable practices. And among them all, one such company which is known by millions is Amazon. Amazon is a leading company which is taking initiatives to grow their market by sustainable approaches. They make renewable energy investments and use eco- friendly packaging to redefine the view point of e-commerce, keeping the balance of profit options and company’s environment-friendly approach. 

  • Amazon with the usage of AI and ML has adopted sustainability initiatives, demonstrating that it too can collaborate innovation with positive environment initiatives .

Climate change is way too common in the last years, which leads Amazon to look upon an initiative which can help them to move fast in the market and thus it takes help of AI and ML to know the climate changes, it’s scale and urgency. 

How Amazon does it’s packaging?

Amazon undergoes several packaging orders per day and that too in millions, and thus it takes use of an AI program known as the Packaging Decision Engine to find the  most environment-friendly and effective packaging and shipping options. This also benefits the earth by reducing waste and conducts optimum itself resources. Along with that, it also identifies the items with damaged packaging more efficiently than humans, which saves time and resources.

How Amazon monitors customer choices?

This e-commerce platform makes use of machine learning solutions to monitor the supply and demand of fruits and vegetables in Amazon grocery stores, identifying spoilt products. They also analyze customer behavior and trends which would help them prioritize offerings. To guide customers for using sustainable options they give a tag to the products as “Amazon’s Choice.” It collaborates with sustainable brands to enlarge their range of eco-friendly products and promote safe consumption practices to customers.

How Amazon implies a sustainable approach:

Amazon has developed an AI based functioning called Flamingo, checks the carbon footprint, and studying the environmental impact. It does a great job by investing in energy-efficient infrastructure to reduce the time span, efforts and cost of the product. It thus contributes in Climate Pledge commitment of achieving near-zero carbon by the annual year 2040.

The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI)  is an initiative which helps Amazon to propel in the fields of sustainability, aiming to reduce cost for barriers and time required for production. It serves as a catalyst for boosting optimum resource use. 

Over the years it has also been observed that with the use of AI amazon has reduced up to 33% in packaging. According to the detailed study of the Amazon Sustainability Report 2022 it is observed that Amazon will be the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy, with 100% use of this energy by 2030- which will now be achieved in 2025, five years ahead of the original plan. 2 million plus tons of packaging material is avoided since the year 2015. It also states that 818 million climate pledge friendly certificated products were sold.

In conclusion, we can clearly state that Amazon takes help of AI to foster economical and sustainable group mutually. It represents a true commitment to balance the monetary assets and business ethics. 

Written and Edited by: Nandni Ranpara