Stranger Things set to return with 5th and final season

Stranger Things Season 5 is final to be released and it is going to be its last season. It was to be released by late 2023 but due to the Hollywood strike the production was on hold. The creators said that the writing was still going on and the production will start soon. The production has started and is roughly to be released by late 2025. The fans are to expect emotional and teary theme from this season as it will be the last one. But many fans are expecting more spin off series or movies after season 5. The creators have said that there are many untold stories and adventures.

When the creators, Matt and Ross, started making the show, they originally planned to have about four seasons but the story was longer than expected and couldn’t be done justice if reduced to four seasons. Season 5 is sure to be released. The creators announced on February 17, 2022, that Stranger Things season 5 will be released and that it will be the last one. The fans assumed that the season would come out sometime in 2024. David Harbour backed this up by saying they will finish the writing in 2023 and then start the production. He said that they should expect it to be released in mid-2024. The production was set to start in summer 2023 but unfortunately, the production stopped due to a 140-day SAG-AFTRA strike by Hollywood. And now the release is pushed into late 2025 or maybe even early 2026. Ross and Matt Duffer posted a photo of them and the cast on Twitter on January 8 and announced that the production has begun.

No new characters are being expected because, in an interview in 2022, the creators said that they are doing their best to resist adding any new characters. All cast members are assumed to remain the same and no one is anticipating any changes in that arrangement. There are various theories regarding the plot of season 5. Many are saying that we should expect tears from the new season. When the creators pitched the story to Netflix many executives also shed tears. It is the last season and things are coming to an end so there won’t be any unresolved conflicts and no last-minute conflicts which indicate or hint that something is coming. So, this would be a more emotional and connecting season for the viewers. David Harbour confirmed that it would be ‘quite moving and quite beautiful.’

The writers shared a tweet of a whiteboard in which they had made eight columns. It hinted that there would be 1-8 episodes in the last season. The first episode’s name is also out: ‘Chapter 1: The Crawl.’ They have also stated that it won’t be set immediately after season 4, that there will be a time jump. People are also assuming that there might be spinoffs of the series later because David announced that there are many more stories and adventures which are yet to be told. So, let’s hope to get more content from their side so it keeps us hooked to our favorite stories and characters.

Written by- Jayani Bhatt | Edited by- Apurv Nayak