Writers’ Workshop Festival at LA

The Center Theatre Group announces Writer’s Workshop Festival 2024!The Los Angeles audiences have the opportunity to watch 6 different and new plays. The Center Theatre Group has given the opportunity to different writers to present their plays at L.A. Writer’s Workshop Festival which will take place from Friday 26th January to Sunday 28th January, 2024. Tickets are available online. The venue for the Festival is Kirk Douglas Theatre. Since 2005 CTG has supported playwrights to present new plays at the workshop.

CTG’s Artistic Director, Snehal Desai, is excited about the L.A. Writers’ Workshop Festival. He stresses the importance of community and storytelling, inviting everyone to participate in the festival which will start from 26th January. The festival will feature six plays, named Alien Girls by Amy Berryman, Pigeonhole by Jasmine Sharma, Help, But Better by Inda Craig-Galvan, Brother Gray by Ramiz Monsef, Malcreados by Christopher Oscar Pena, Teresa by Isaac Gomez. With support from the City of Culver City and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the festival aims to highlight new works and celebrate creativity.

Here is a sneak peek into the variety of plays to be featured:

Alien Girls by Amy Berryman
Tiffany is pregnant and her friend, Carolyn is supposed to be happy for her. But things change when her true feelings for her become public in the form of an essay which goes viral. The story of the play revolves around these two characters.
Pigeonhole by Jasmine Sharma
A story about two siblings who share only one common thing- their childhood home. The play addresses some of the very sensitive issues concerning relationships.
Help but Better by Inda Craig-Galvan
The play is set during the pandemic, when many people shifted to taking online therapy. The story is about an online therapist who is burdened of work, and is need of a therapist herself.
Brother Gray by Ramiz Monsef
In Tuscany town, the people of the Tuscan church hire Brother Gray to ring the bell because of some ongoing situations. However, Brother Mauro is not happy as he thinks that he deserves the job. The play explores this situation.
Malcreados by Christopher Oscar Pena
Malcreados is a play about two brothers Julian and Erik, who reunite at their deceased mother’s home. They are not able to communicate with each other properly, nor they can see and understand things from each other’s point of view. The story is about their arguments and time together.
Teresa by Issac Gomez
Teresa is a It is a story about the nun Teresa and the legacy she has left behind. The other people find it difficult to preserve her legacy without destroying it. Part of the play is a ghost story and other part of it is a femme fatale.

So this is how L.A. Writers’ Workshop is designed to encourage important voices, inspire playwrights to create great work and it also helps to build relationships among local playwrights. This helps the theatre community to grow more and reach more and more people.
Let’s know more about the Center Theatre Group. It is a top arts organization in the U.S., located in Los Angeles. It’s a non-profit theater led by Artistic Director Snehal Desai, Managing Director / CEO Meghan Pressman, and Producing Director Douglas C. Baker. They organize seasons at the Mark Taper Forum, Ahmanson Theatre, and Kirk Douglas Theatre. Known for diverse theatrical entertainment, the group excels in producing new works and engaging with the community through education programs. With over 700 productions, they’ve staged iconic shows like “Zoot Suit,” Angels in America,” and “Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992.” For more information, you can visit the official website of Center Theatre Group.

Written by- Smithshill Macwan | Edited by- Apurv Nayak