“Summit of Legends: Exploring Mount Olympus, Greece’s Tallest Mountain Infused with Ancient Mythical Narratives”

Mount Olympus is considered to be the place where Olympus is situated which is the home of gods and Olympians according to Greek history. There are many theories related to this which show which gods lived there and how it was made. It is considered to be a sacred and religious place for the people of Greece. 

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. It is 2917 metres tall. Olympus is a place which is considered to be home of the Olympic gods which is just above the peaks of mount Olympus. It was considered to be made after a war between the Olympians and the Titans. Zeus and this fellow Olympians emerged victorious in this battle. It is described to be containing palaces which are made of marble and gold. There were twelve gods who accompanied him there. They were : Aphrodite , Artemis, Apollo, Hebe, Athena, Hera, Demeter and Ares. Poseidon and hades decided to reside elsewhere.

The golden gates which were guarded by the three Goddesses of the seasons.

Zeus is said to have his throne on mount Olympus. The main feature of Olympus is Zeus’s palace. It is said to be much larger than any other god’s. From there he rules and watches over affairs of the gods and of the mortals. The main hall is said to have a floors made of gold and council rooms for all the other Olympians because is provided them an obscene view of the world so that they could observe the mortal world. It is considered as the place where gods lived and connected with the humas and earthly beings. It is said that some heroes like Hercules, were granted to join the gods on mount Olympus for their good deeds.

There were many levels on the mount Olympus. The lowest being where the muses who amused Zeus lived and the highest peak was referred to as the pantheon where all the gods met to discuss the important matters and arguments regarding the mortal world. outside the palaces there lush gardens which had exotic fruits and plants. Olympus had everything that the gods would ever need. It was the home that they deserved.

It also showed the cultural hierarchy in the Greek culture where the gods are situated at the tallest heights above the mortals and demigods showing that their status was way higher than those of mortal creatures. The Olympic games were also held in honour of Zeus and the games were dedicated to him as a part of a broader religious festival. Thus Olympus is deep into the roots of Greek mythology.

Article By Jayani Bhatt। Edited By Sanika Vahora