Can Money Buy Happiness?

Wealth has become extremely important in today’s world. Without it even survival becomes difficult. Due to this, thousands of businesses are starting every day to earn more money and satisfy the needs and wants. But does that make wealth the only necessary thing in life? Can it make one happy all by itself? It definitely cannot. It is extremely important to survive in the modern world, but life is not just about surviving, it is about living. To live a happy life, peace, contentment, love and overall holistic wellbeing are required.

One of the most frequently asked, or rather thought of, questions of our times is whether money can buy happiness, or not? The answer is believed to be very subjective, as some say it can, while the others say it cannot. I agree to it, but only partially, because what I believe is quite different. I believe money CAN buy happiness. It can buy us house, medical services, education and entertainment. So, this means money can definitely buy us happiness. That being said, my beliefs suggest that money is not the only source of happiness, but it is a useful resource in earning it.

In the modern capitalist world, wealth is extremely important. It is the source of every materialistic possession in today’s world. From cradle to grave, a person requires money throughout her life. It has thus become an irreplaceable aspect of the life of a modern human being. Wealth, in today’s world, has become one of the primary necessities of human life. Even before the birth of a child, a mother has to go through necessary medical treatments. Throughout the life of an individual, monetary stability is indispensable to survive in this fast-growing world. Even after the death of a person, the post-mortal rituals cost a lot, in any culture or religion.

Money is an inevitable resource of the human life. It can thus be said that money is required for the primary, as well as the secondary, and tertiary expenses of life. This implies that for being happy as well, money is essential. Due to this immense essentiality of monetary stability, humans are constantly striving towards finding new ways of earning it. Thousands of startups and businesses start every day, aiming to earn monetary stability. These businesses and startups help earn money and gain stability. This stability is what gives humans the sense of security and is important for sustenance.

Monetary wellbeing fulfils basic necessities. Moreover, it ensures the fulfilment of secondary needs and wants. It includes the materialistic aspect in which money is used. The excess money is used for satisfying the wants and luxuries. Thus, earning more and more money is a constant requirement in today’s times, and it is extremely indispensable part of human life.

This has again brought us back to our primary question, “Is money by itself sufficient to bring happiness to human lives?” To this question, my answer is NO. Money can buy materialistic gains and pleasures. It is also important for the fulfilment of our basic necessities. But, are these things enough to stay happy?

To stay happy, a person requires physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. These cannot ever be bought using money alone. Money cannot bring wellbeing, it cannot satisfy a human being fully, it can just suffice. Money brings stability for sure, but it is not wholesome in itself.

Money can fulfil all kinds of materialistic pleasures, but human life is a lot more than that. Being social animals, we humans need love, companionship, compassion, freedom, sense of contentment, inner peace, and creativity. These are the feelings that go beyond money. Thus, monetary resources can buy medicine, but not holistic wellness. It can buy means of comfort, but not contentment. It can buy education, but not wisdom and enlightenment. It can buy entertainment, but not sheer joy.

Here is one of the best quotes from the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ that proves to be a true testament to this notion.

“Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”

Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

And these cannot be bought by money. Sustenance is incomplete without wealth, but life is not just about sustaining, it is about living it. To live a full life, more than money is required. Poetry, beauty, romance, love are quintessential for the being of every human.

Wealth is extremely important to sustain and survive in today’s world. It has become an inseparably essential part of the human life. But it is only a part of human lives, and not life itself. The availability of wealth in abundance cannot make a person happy by itself. That being said, its absence or lack of availability might make one unhappy.